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About 2000 years ago, someone in the Parthian or Sasanian, or in what is known today as Iraq, took a clay pot, lined it with copper, and inserted an iron rod. They added a liquid, possibly an acidic juice or vinegar, and created the first electric battery. That battery is known as the Bagdad Battery.
A few years passed and in 1800 C.E., Alessandro Volta created the first modern battery in Italy. Around 1962, Santa Claus gave me the "Big Bruiser" toy tow truck, which went through batteries like peanuts at an elephant convention. Energy storage was slow to change, the batteries I was using in my Big Bruiser were not much different from the Bagdad Battery, until the advent of alternative energy sources and electric vehicles. These new market demands have spawned the development of new energy storage technologies.
This white paper reviews these new technologies and their pluses and minuses. Read it, and you will be prepared for alternative energy in the future and impress your friends and colleagues at the next company event or cocktail party. You'll get a charge out of it!
Have an energized day!
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