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Connectivity – Control Product Insights for the OEM

Matt Chabot, Director of Engineering

Posted by c3controls on November 08, 2018

Matt Chabot joined c3controls in January 2018 as a Software Engineer and was promoted to Director of Engineering in August of 2018. Matt is responsible for leading the engineering development of all c3 products. 

Web-Matt Chabot

Matt began his career as a Embedded Systems Engineer at a small telecommunications company. Later he focused his efforts on Military research and then control systems development / engineering. Looking for something more, Matt co-founded his own company in 2009 and then founded a solo venture in 2016. Having surveyed a large number of industries and business models Matt brings a wide breadth of experience to the c3controls product roadmap and engineering processes.

Matt holds a BS in Electrical Engineering with a Computer Engineering option from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

In his spare time Matt enjoys woodworking and spending time with his wife and two children.

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